As many of you may know, there is major controversy going on right now regarding the talk of a  “mega development” being built on the corner of Conroy Windermere and Apopka Vineland road.

According to the admin of the mega development Facebook group, David Reagan,

“The original code (adopted in 1996) allows for a maximum of 2 homes-per-acre and 10,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

Before 1996 we believe this was corner was designated green space.

As per the public meeting notice, the code changes requested would increase density on the site to
• 23 single-family homes
• 200 condos/townhomes
• 80 unit independent living homes
• 120-bed assisted living facility
• 25,000 sq. ft. medical clinic
• 40,000 sq. ft. office space
• 84,000 sq. ft. of retail space.
**Gas station and public boat dock”

What are your opinions on this? Do you think a mega development should be built? or will this lead to copious amounts of traffic and more angry Windermere/ Dr. Phillips locals? Comment your thoughts below, we’d love to hear them!

To join the “Stop 4th- Corner Mega Development” Facebook group and chat with other locals about this controversial topic, visit:

  1. If they put in a target i wouldnt complain 🙂

  2. What kind of retail options? Target movie theater? This area lacks that and would be great option over going to tourist filled areas.

  3. This is MARCH 1st, not April 1st. Seriously… ya’ll have me laughing with this ludicrous joke… you’re a month early tho!

  4. The county needs to start with a traffic study to gauge the impact on roads by this hugely over densified project. The nursing home and assisted living facility will generate EMS traffic also affecting this study. These roads are severely impacted now with the existing multiple school traffic and Walmart and Publix traffic. Opening up zoning to small lots and condominiums will adversely affect existing housing prices in both Windermere and Dr. Phillips. The last thing this area needs is high-rise construction.

  5. absolutely opposed to this development. When I moved here gas stations weren’t even allowed to be built…lets keep it that way so Dr Phillips remains a beautiful part of Orlando..special to all the residents. Not only will traffic be ridiculous but just the beauty of our area will be spoiled.
    Please reconsider!

  6. They told us when than were planning the Whole foods shopping Plaza at Sand Lake and Turkey Lake Rd,that they had planned for the increased traffic flow. Those who drive by that area know it a
    disaster. This week they announced a project starting in 2200 ending in 2203 to alleviate the disaster. Please don’t let the same thing happen in Windermere.

  7. This is called progress
    People move to a certain place and it’s great
    Then seem to be upset when every else wants to be there too
    That includes developers

    Mister good brush painting

  8. I have no idea what all the drug postings are on this site .
    We had a meeting with the county and developers years ago when they wanted to put Dollyworld to the side of what is now the Whole Foods Plaza near I-4 and Sand Lake Road .The intersection there was rated an F intersection- worst rating they had – and the county had no problem impacting that nightmare with 500+ more cars per park . I have lived in Dr Phillips 40 years and Orlando almost my whole life – Here’s my feeling in a nutshell “ SPEAK UP or SHUT UP – or they will come!!!!!

  9. Lovely concept good butt it ain’t WINDERMERE ,THat corner is already congested,do a proper traffic study it will pove it the design is toooo dense,design is overly maxed out what schools do you take into consideration already maxed out HELL NO TO RE ZONING!!!!!!!

  10. Typically here is the way this stuff goes. Everyone throws a big fit over it and the politicians nod their heads in agreement and promise to support the majority which opposes the development. Well, much to the chagrin of the majority, these type projects seem to push through and everyone shrugs in bewilderment and asks “how did that happen as I thought we had that killed”. All the big townhall meetings are just for show as the politicians dictate what happens in developing a community. It is all about the tax base of the new real estate, big money and capitalism. I have only lived here 11.5 years and it is no different here than anywhere else in the country. Traffic?? Don’t worry about the traffic, the politicians always build ahead of the roads and streets and when congestion clogs everything up, they raise our taxes to pay for the infrastructure expansion when this should be part of the development cost. Just sayin’, “what city hall wants, city hall gets”.

  11. i would love if it was less business and more housing, no more retail pls, we are over saturate on restaurants and business competing for same amount of people

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