Have you seen these “Stop 4th Corner Mega Development” signs popping up in Windermere recently and wondered what was going on? The property shown below is the center of discussion as the owner of the property is ready the development the land. Tavistock, which owns the nearby commercial plaza The Grove at Isleworth, plans to begin developing the northwest quadrant of Conroy Windermere and Apopka-Vineland roads.


The original code (adopted in 1996 and shared below) allows for a maximum of 2 homes-per-acre and 10,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

Four Corners Community Village Center Community Guidelines http://www.orangecountyfl.net/Portals/0/Library/Development-Planning/docs/FourCorners199636Ordinance.pdf

As per the public meeting notice, the code changes requested would increase density on the site to

23 single-family homes

200 condos/townhomes

80 unit independent living homes

120-bed assisted living facility

25,000 sq. ft. medical clinic

40,000 sq. ft. office space

84,000 sq. ft. of retail space.

**Gas station and public boat dock


Tavistock submitted a revised Land Use Plan Amendment application in January. The amendment, if eventually approved by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners, would allow for modification of the northwest quadrant program and expansion of the PD boundaries. Tavistock owns three parcels in the northwest quadrant, of which two total 34.04 acres and are zoned PD. They are requesting the third parcel — 9.05 acres — to be added to the PD.


The original community village center ordinances adopted in 1996-97 called for the 4 Corners CVC to serve as “a village center with a sense of place.” This included creating a pedestrian-friendly setting with sidewalks, shade trees, a neighborhood park and designed parking lots.


The code also established development allocations and density by quadrant and parcel identification numbers, including limiting non-residential development to retail and office uses. Established prohibited uses include pawn shops, skating rinks, bowling alleys, gas stations and movie theaters. Additionally, the established maximum building heights for the northeast, southeast and southwest quadrants are two stories, or 35 feet. The northwest quadrant is limited to one story, or 20 feet.


Tavistock’s amendment proposal includes increasing development allocations and building heights. It also wants to build 23 single-family units, 200 condo/townhome units, an 80-unit independent-living facility, a 120-bed assisted-living facility, a 25,000-square-foot medical clinic, 40,000 square feet of professional office space and 84,000 square feet of retail space.


“Creating a walkable community is significant, as we understand that traffic is a top concern,” said Jessi Blakley, public relations and communications director for Tavistock. “The plan also encompasses significant open, green space, and there will be pedestrian bridges, trails and pathways that meander throughout the 40 acres.”


Needless to say many people in the community are not happy with the idea of the code changes and have started to voice their opposition inside the Facebook group STOP 4th-CORNER MEGA DEVELOPMENT that now has 1,705 members.

The Butler Chain of Lakes Advisory Board, which meets every month, discussed the development at their most recent meeting on March 12, 2018 and those minutes can be viewed here: https://apps.ocfl.net/aware/advisory/board_agendas_minutes.asp?docid=12080

Their next meeting is Monday, April 16, 2018 and anyone impacted by the proposed 4-corners development issue is encouraged to attend.

Next meeting information: http://www.ocfl.net/OpenGovernment/BoardsAndSpecialDistricts/AdvisoryBoardsCalendar.aspx?m=dtlvw&d=761176&dt#.WrFpIujwaUl

Mayor of the Town of Windemere shared the resolution below which passed unanimously on March 13th by the Windermere Town Council.


This debate is sure to rage on and we will keep residents and community members up to date as we receive more information.