There are MANY angry Dr. Phillips locals flooding social media outlets regarding the recent vandalism done to their cars. Over the past month there has been several reports of car windows being smashed by pellet guns. No one knows who is doing this or what their intention is, but there needs to be a stop to this. Not only is this causing locals to pay heavy costs out of pocket, but it could potentially injure innocent locals as well. Several police reports have been made, but the criminals still have not been caught.

Let’s take a look at some of the posts posted on the local neighborhood app, “Nextdoor,” and the Sand Lake Pointe Neighborhood Watch Facebook Group.

So, what can we do to prevent this?! Here are some tips below:

-Park your cars inside the garage.

-Install security cameras facing your driveways.

-No room in your garage? Park your cars facing backwards in the driveway so the windshield is facing the street. Windshields are covered by insurance, all other windows are not.

-Be on the look out for any suspicious vehicles and report the license plate if you do see one.

-Make sure you, your family and pets remain indoors and away from your cars late at night.

If you or anyone you know has ANY leads on the criminals doing this terrible act, please call  911 or the Orange County Police Department(407) 254-7000