Rumor on the street is that Dr. Phillips is going to have ANOTHER Starbucks location. It would be located right next to the Ulta beauty store that the Unicorp construction company is currently building in the Dr. Phillips Marketplace.

If this rumor is in fact true, that would mean that there would be a total of 4 Starbucks ( including the Barnes & Nobles location) located on Sand Lake Road alone…how crazy!

We spoke with the manager of the current Starbucks in the Dr. Phillips Marketplace and his response was somewhat iffy. No one really knows if there is going to be another Starbucks opening up. But, if there was, how would the Dr. Phillips community react to it?

So, do you believe that they’d really build another one or would they find this to be complete nonsense? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to follow our blog to receive more updates!

  1. Over saturation. Bring in something else! There’s already one in the marketplace near Einstein’s bagels for crying out loud. What about a Dairy Queen instead? Anything else really.

  2. I think it would be great. The other Starkbucks at the Marketplace is always packed and with long lines. I believe we all love Starbucks. Right?

  3. Obviously the other one in the marketplace would close. Several area Starbucks are being replaced with new ones. Ocoee, Conroy Rd.

  4. Would love to see a barbecue restaurant or a bakery.

  5. The drive-thru will be nice but this will easily be the busiest Starbucks in the area. I’m not sure the drive-thru queue is long enough to handle the amount of cars that are going to be using it. Can see Della Dr. becoming congested due to this. This is going to end up being a mess like the Chick Fil A was down the street.

    Hoping to see the Marketplace location close and have something new and exciting come in to replace it.

  6. It looks like if the rendering is true, this one will have a drive thru which is worth losing
    either of the two plazas locations. I say, “bring it”.

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