Pizza has become an American staple, from Super Bowl parties to everyday lunch and dinner. Peperoncino is bringing it back to true Italian with the most authentic pizza in town.

“Italian restaurant” has become a general term for any joint serving pizza and pasta. As one reviewer on Yelp said, “I’m sorry but 3rd generation Italian American food from New York isn’t authentic Italian. Peperoncino is the real thing!” You know what Michael N. from Apopka, FL? We agree.

In many cultures food is love, in Italian culture food is amore. At Peperoncino, there is heart in every dish served, especially the pizza. The dough is made in-house from scratch, each topping chopped in the same kitchen, and the savory sauce is a cherished Italian recipe.

The chefs welcome you into their restaurant and into the kitchen with an open concept. Watch as your pizza is tossed, sauced, and topped with the freshest ingredients before being carefully placed in the forno.

When we say “authentic Italian” we mean it. Forget delivery. Forget frozen. Enjoy true Italian pizza from scratch at Peperoncino!

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  1. Diana Chastain

    I LOVE what is written above! It drives me CRAZY when someone claims something is “Authentic Italian” and it comes from some American-Italian recipes that lost all of the love, quality ingredients, flavor, textures and skill the dishes had when made in the old country. The difference between New York Italian food and real Italy Italian food are worlds apart. If you can distinguish between top-notch ingredients, foods prepared with knowledge/love/skill, and have a passion for authentic Italian, visit Barbara and Danilo at Peperoncino’s. I’ve been there over twenty times and will go many, many more. It’s our very favorite restaurant in Florida!

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