We knew Dexter’s was experiencing trouble in paradise, we just weren’t sure WHEN they were going to close. A couple of our team members have tried to go this year and noticed instances that seemed to be “off.”

The first instance we experienced was on May 12th around 6:30 pm. There was this sign posted on the door detailing that gift cards will no longer be accepted at that location.

Upon entering the restaurant after seeing the sign, we were turned away and told they were closing early because no one had been there in two hours.

Most recently, we tried to go for brunch on July 20th. While walking towards the door, we noticed that everything seemed closed up. There was a sign on the door saying that they were closed due to refrigeration issues. Unfortunately, we forgot to grab a photo of the sign on that day.

On July 29th, we stopped by and the same sign was up in addition to a notice about rental equipment. Why not just admit it’s closed?

A quick search on Google confirmed our suspicions.

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