We have an exclusive opportunity with very limited availability to share with local business owners!

If you own a local business and are interested in sharing fun, and unique content with our community, this campaign is perfect for you!

So here’s how it works!

We drop off a pair of Snapchat Spectacles( these are a fun way to record video from a first-person Point of View) at your business for you and your staff to use. You can then record as much content as you want allowing you to be creative and have fun! We will pick them up the next day and pull all the content you and your team created.  We’ll edit your content into a professional quality video that will then be shared with the world via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages! It’s that simple.

We would love to showcase content such as a Realtor showing off a lakefront property, a restaurant chef showing the creation of a signature dish, local service providers demonstrating and explaining their services but really, the sky is the limit so use your imagination and contact us before our spots fill up! Text or call Bryan Bruce at 407-385-9597 to request an invite to participate.

We look forward to hearing from you!