Dr. Phillips Local Small Business Stimulus Program

On 3/20/20 I sent this letter to the community offering assistance to anyone who needed to get the word out about their business. The response was overwhelming. Thank you everyone who responded. Our plan is to offer our network to local businesses to share updates with the community as often as they like in exchange for $250 a month in gift certificates for the business.  Further details are shared below.

Who is eligible?

Any business in the Southwest Orlando area that has something of value to share with the community.  This could be a public service announcement, a feel good story, a special offer, business hour updates, new developments, etc.

How will information be shared?

We will use the full power and depth of the I love Dr. Phillips Network.  The network consists of 21,000 local resident emails, 2,800 local resident influencer text subscribers, and promoted Facebook/Instagram video posts that reach the entire community fast.

Requirements to Participate?

Local businesses must provide details of the message they are sharing.  Local businesses must provide $250 in gift certificates each month they want to be active in the program.  Information shared by the business will be distributed as follows.

  • Immediately posted on all I Love Dr. Phillips website and all social media channels
  • Content added to our SouthWest Orlando Facebook promotion targeting all SW Orlando residents
  • Will be included in the next I Love Dr. Phillips email weekly email and bi-monthly I love Dr. Phillips text message blasts.

Video Public Service Announcements

Customers who are interested in a produced PSA and who are part of the stimulus program, can request a video shoot with our team based on availability..  The cost of the PSA video is $250 for a one minute video. 

Contact Bryan Bruce via email bryan@yourbrandvoice.com or Call us at 407-385-9597.