IV Lounge: Next Generation Spa

Dr. Olga, a world-renowned cancer surgeon, opened up The IV Lounge after treating cancer patients with vitamins and IV’s to improve their wellness. It came to her attention that she should do it for healthy people as well. After Dr. Olga is the creator of the IV called “The Master Cocktail” which contains vitamin C, B complex, and several other things to ensure that you’ll be leaving with a boost of energy and feeling great. The belief at The IV Lounge is that there is something for everyone, whether you’re a mom, a weekend warrior, or an athlete.

Hormones and Wellness

At the Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness Center, Dr. Carrozzella wants to go beyond the pre-programs that are already created for hormones. After being an Orthopedic surgeon for more than 25 years he decided to open up his own practice for hormones after this wife had menopausal struggles. He believes that hormones are more than just a “one size fits all” experience. He wants to give his patients the best care while providing them with optimized hormones. Dr. Carrozzella explains the difference between optimal versus normal hormones and why you should aim to be at your optimal level.

Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center

Right in the heart of Dr. Phillips, we have the first and only private hyperbaric oxygen healing center. Going through the treatment has several benefits like providing you with 10 to 15 times the regular amount of oxygen that your body needs. Not only does it help with your oxygen intake, but it helps slow induced tissue death and it alters the course and impact of the disease process. Patients that go through this treatment receive great results and countine to come back repeatedly.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Start on your path to improved health and wellness by stopping in our local medical cannabis dispensary. GrowHealthy offers a variety of product formulations and delivery methods to meet each patients individual needs and tolerances. Their natural cannabis products are both easy to administer and are effective. They set the bar for Florida’s strictest quality and purity standards.

Are you not a medical cannabis patient yet? Don’t worry! There are several physicians in the Orlando area that can help you get approved for a medical cannabis card.

  • Dr. Mario Chanlatte (800)-652-0592
  • Dr. Olga Ivanov (407)-545-3500
  • Dr. Sandar Fernandez (850)-906-5000
  • Dr. Robert Hannum (844)-442-0362
  • Dr.Peter Calkin, Dr. Charles Chung. (888)-908-0143
  • Dr. Jason Schultz, Dr. Barbara Aggarwal (855)-420-9170
  • Dr. Marla Price, Dr. Stuart Maslin (321)-392-6420
  • Dr. Charlene Cooper (407)-993-1420
  • Dr. Andrew Fox (407)-965-5967