What makes Huey Magoo’s so great?

They keep it real.

Unlike some of their competitors, Huey Magoo’s, keeps their concept simple so that it’s done fast, fresh and the very best. Every tender is prepared IN HOUSE. Hand-breaded, hand-grilled, and house-marinated.

“Our premium chicken tenders are served grilled or fried, on their own, as part of a meal, or in a salad, sandwich, or wrap.”

It’s all about the tenders. It’s all they do!

The menu isn’t an extensive list of choices for a reason. Huey Magoo’s is praised for it’s consistently delicious chicken. How do they do it?

“Burgers and burritos aren’t in our wheelhouse.  We do delicious, fresh, cooked-to-order chicken tenders, and we do them well.”

The catering is incredible.

When it comes to catering, simplicity is key. Whether it’s a buffet for a huge party, boxed lunches or a platter for a get-together, Huey Magoo’s has just the right option. Plus, they deliver.

The atmosphere is fantastic.

The new Dr. Phillips location is a model for the growth of this chicken-centered enterprise. With it’s restyled decor, including pictures of farm fields and lighter, natural woods the storefront is warm and comforting.

“The Huey Magoo’s mission is a simple one:  to serve you and your family great tasting chicken tenders in a clean, friendly environment, while showing our love for people.”

A special offer from Dr. Phillips’ very own Huey Magoo’s – what a deal!

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