Norman’s, a staple at Ritz-Carlton Orlando announced Saturday evening that it’s relocating to Bravo’s old spot on Restaurant Row. This comes after much anticipated and Oprah-backed True Food Kitchen, long to be thought the next in that space, pulled out due to issues with the property. The property has been vacant for some time and we understand that mold could be an issue.

That said, Norman’s is planning to completely gut the place and that is probably a good thing. The restaurant isn’t slated to open until 2020 which is plenty of time needed to do the extensive renovating that needs to be done. The announcement was made at a dinner called “Movin’ on Out” which was prepared by visiting and local celebrity chefs.

In May, Norman’s announced that it will be closing it’s Ritz Carlton location after 16 years of leasing the space. The Ritz Carlton location will be officially closing on August 31st.

Norman’s was created by Award-Winning Chef, Norman Van Aken. This food concept fuses Latin, Caribbean and Asian favorites with European cooking techniques.

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