A replica of a famous pendant worn by Marilyn Monroe inspired local museum owner Mike Shurtleff to create a business that since has spawned more than 30 locations – starting with the original here in Orlando! At his previous business – a museum displaying British crown jewels – the pendant replica quickly garnered admiration; the ensuing demand for the pendants prompted the newly branded Filthy Rich.

The business specializing in replicas of iconic jewelry and celebrity-inspired accessories and chic items can be found in our very own Dr. Phillips! They have three core collections: The Jacqueline Kennedy collection, The Hollywood collection, and their Contemporary collection. With each piece of jewelry, Filthy Rich ensures “all the glamour, sparkle and shine of the original jewelry owned by celebrities.” The only difference is the price! They have prices designed for every budget.

If you’re looking for a fashion piece that doesn’t make you cringe at your bank account, while still having high quality materials, Filthy Rich is the one for you!