Have you ever been to a sandwich shop where you can play board games, hula hoop or play guitar while chowing down a delicious meal? We didn’t think so.

Pammie’s Sammies is an awesome family-owned sandwich shop that is located on the backside of Universal Studios and across from Dr. Phillips High School. This quirky, hip and tasty restaurant brings out the inner kid in everyone that stops in. Let’s start by meeting the owner of it all, Pam Thomas!

Now that you’ve met Pam, Let’s take a virtual tour inside this incredible little sandwich shop to see what it’s all about!

Want to see what goes on behind the scenes of Pammie’s? The staff at Pammie’s Sammies do not go unnoticed, they are like family! Let’s meet some of the team!

Well, that’s a wrap! You’ve met Pam, toured the restaurant and met some of the stellar staff. Next time you need a “pick me up” meal, don’t forget to choose Pammies Sammies. Oh, and say hi to Pammie for us! ????