I love Dr. Phillips was developed simply to help small Dr. Phillips businesses market themselves better on the internet and social networks. It all started one day when the founder of a local print publication entered the digital marketing offices of Your Brand Voice. The local print business man, who is often times seen running around the community selling ads in his bi-monthly local print publication, was curious about what we did… he was asking questions about how we make money and how we could help his magazine and his business.

We immediately shared some great ideas, and during an impromptu brainstorm, someone suggested that we should develop a local community voice for his paper on the social networks. We did a quick check, and it was obvious that his print team could use some digital support. We immediately felt we might have a great partnership by combining the printer’s experience, client base with our digital acumen, and passion for the internet and social networks.

Long story short, the idea never got off the ground, but the idea to start I Love Dr. Phillips was born. Soon after this fateful meeting we decided to create I Love Dr. Phillips. We believed then, as we do now, that local businesses should have more options to market their business. That most have limited marketing dollars, and they needed to reach more of the right customers where customers are paying the most attention, on social media and mobile devices.

We did a soft launch in January 2015 and immediately the community embraced the idea. I love Dr. Phillips continues to grow and now reaches more than 17,400 Dr. Phillips residents each month. Our new website, https://ilovedrphillips.com also receives over 12,400 unique visitors each month and is growing steadily. We have had 6,500+ local area residents opt into our monthly email newsletter where we feature “What’s Hot” in Dr. Phillips. Woman ages 25-44 represent our largest demographic and we have users 65+ years of age who follow our content.

We are excited about our progress and our future and as we grow, our goal remains to provide options for local businesses to use our platform to get in front of the right Dr. Phillips residents in a mobile and socially interactive way. We are willing to help any Dr. Phillips event, charity, school function, local business or anything at all we feel our fans might be interested. Our only requirement, that you be world-class in whatever you do.

We want to thank the community for supporting us! Please let us know if we can ever be of any assistance.