Whether you’re celebrating one of life’s happy occasions or mourning a sad event, wine is what you need. Where’s the perfect place to sip wine in Dr. Phillips? We found it: Vines Wines & Spirits Tasting Room.

The Tasting Room is open daily, offering 3 different wine station with more than 30 wines from around the world. Red and white to dry, sweet, medium to full bodied.

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Vines Wines & Spirits has been bringing International wine culture to Dr. Phillips since 2009. Here, it’s not about quantity but quality. Each bottle is expertly-selected, creating a carefully curated selection of wines and spirits that are sure to please even the pickiest pallet.
vines wines & spirits dr phillips
The collection is not the only aspect given careful attention. It’s apparent that time and thought was put toward the interior design, creating an unforgettable ambiance that makes you want to grab a glass and never put it down. Not to mention, the combination of expertise and customer service in the staff that truly makes this place marvelous. Vines Wines & Spirits is more than just a liquor store, it is one-of-a-kind. So, come unwind in the Tasting Room at Vines Wine & Spirits.

Because whether you’re continuing a great day or turning around a bad one, there’s nothing that a fine glass of wine can’t make better. Visit the Tasting Room at Vines Wines & Spirits.logo_header

Join Vines Wine & Spirits on December 16, 2016 for an incredible event: 100 Wines for Holiday Tasting