We all know the woman behind the tantalizing desserts that sit in the window of that fabulous pink shop in The Marketplace. For those of you who don’t know, her name is Patti, but we all know her as The Dessert Lady. For those familiar with the shop, have you ever wondered what really goes on in that kitchen?

We’ll tell you, it gets a little messy!

The Dessert Lady shows us what it’s like behind the scenes as she bakes a cake to the song Dessert by Dawin.

We think this music video is better than the official, but we might be a little biased… Check out The Dessert Lady having the best time we’ve ever seen someone have while working (and working it!). 

But, keep in mind that when it comes to baking for business there’s no loose hair or finger licking, but it’s more fun this way! (Cakes in video not sold)